Using a drum seeder to sow pre-germinated seed

1. Puddle the land and level thoroughly.

factsheet-using a drum seeder 1

2. Drain out excess water before sowing, but do not let the soil surface become dry.

using a drum seeder 2

3. Pre-germinate the rice seeds - do not let shoots become too long. Growth for 24 h is usually sufficient.

using a drum seeder 3

4. Air-dry the sprouted seeds in the shade for about 10-15 minutes before sowing to facilitate singling/separation of seeds.

using a drum seeder 4

5. Sow the seeds with drum seeder:

  • Do not fill drums more than about 2/3 full.
  • Walk at steady speed.
using a drum seeder 5

6. Increase the depth of water gradually as the seedlings grow but do not completely submerge seedlings.

using a drum seeder 6

7. Do not irrigate for 2-3 days after sowing to allow roots to anchor.

Take care during the wet season as rainfall immediately after seeding may wash away the newly sown seeds.

using a drum seeder 7

8. Floodwater can rise as the seedlings grow to give better control of weeds.

factsheet-using a drum seeder 8
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